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February 2017

  • Bell Sleeve Sweater

    February 27, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    February still has me frozen. But this sweater is worth melting for! I switched up my blogging content just so I could share this…

  • Classic Wool Coat

    February 23, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    The weather here up North has been a tad confused. One day it’s sunny and warm, the next it’s snowing & blowing. There’s…

  • Olive New Balance

    February 20, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    Happy Monday loves. This week I am thankful for the start of a new week. If I’m being raw & real here, I’m…

  • Western Details

    February 16, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    Talking all about the details today. In a place where you can see for miles and miles, sometimes it pays off to create…

  • The Perfect Black Jumpsuit

    February 13, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow ladies! For those of you in the Grand Forks area still looking for the perfect little holiday number,…

  • Modern Mess

    February 9, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    Since it’s the start of NYFW I wanted to reminisce on my trip to NYC in January! Although…

  • Jaw Dropping

    February 6, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    I may have gotten a little long winded here, but it’s worth every word I promise!

    If the shoe fits, buy it in every…

  • B e. M i n e.

    February 2, 2017

    Dear Kindred,

    The month of love. I couldn’t pass up doing a fun Valentine’s Day inspired shoot as one of my first posts. Because as…

  • Walk with Leslie

    February 1, 2017

    Hi! Welcome! I’m Leslie!
    My life is messy. My brain runs a million miles a minute. I do my best thinking right before I go…