Dear Kindred,

Talking all about the details today. In a place where you can see for miles and miles, sometimes it pays off to create the perfect background for a photo! I wanted to share a few facts I’ve learned since living here (which seemingly are mostly about food) that I find fascinating about North Dakota. North Dakota produces enough sugar beets to sweeten 27 billion gallons of Kool-aid. North Dakota has enough wheat for 13.5 billion loaves of bread & produces enough potatoes for 192 million servings of French Fries. Also, they produce enough soybean crops to make 251 billion crayons. Can you tell I live in a farming community. God Bless farmers!

Talking about farmers, my grandpa always asks if I got my jeans for free when they are distressed. When I explain to him that’s the ‘style’ he just chuckles, shakes his head and says, “well Les, I love you anyway.” These are one of my favorite pair of BlankNYC denim jeans because although they have a relaxed feel they still fit properly.

I can’t say when chokers hit the streets again but I can tell you I was a big fan in elementary school & still am. You know the ones that stretched over your head and were made out of cheap plastic? We’ve come a long way. Proud to be a 90’s babe!

Also, double belt buckles are all the rage. You may have seen it in my Modern Mess post but, it’s a favorite. I’m all about them and this one is on style repeat from day to day in my closet. It adds a fun vintage western feel. You need this black embossed belt. By adding the belt I think it added a new element giving this outfit a more monumental midwestern look.

My favorite hat from Forever 21 is sold out but I’ve attached a few more I love. A hat can change the look and feel of your outfit in an instant. Having a black hat in color can create so many unique styles and numerous different outfit choices. I love being able to throw on a hat especially when the weather isn’t perfect or I’m running short on time.

The black details head to toe are really what tie this look together. By taking a simple duster, crushed velvet tank and my favorite blank denim boyfriend jeans & then adding multiple accessories it finishes the look without being too much. It’s also the little details like cuffing your jeans, tucking in the front of your shirt and sticking with one accent color throughout that easily complete an outfit. Adding these different pieces gives a personal touch on an otherwise simple outfit.

Ladies, you are a force to be reckon with. You are strong, passionate and beautiful.  Let’s cultivate a place to embrace womanhood and to lift each other up. Who are the powerful women in your life? What do you think makes a woman powerful?

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Luke 1:37

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