Dear Kindred,

February still has me frozen. But this sweater is worth melting for! I switched up my blogging content just so I could share this sweater with you during some colder days. Even though every winter has me chilled until spring there’s something so captivating about the world slowly thawing out from winter .

This season challenges me to find new hobbies, enjoy the simple things & to play with my wardrobe. It fills my mind with sweet clarity and thankfulness. And I need that during winter – especially up here in the harsh north! I’m a snow bunny until it’s consistently negative degrees & then I am well over it. Just ask my husband! 😉

I believe bell sleeves are ALL.THE.RAGE. & this sweater is NO joke. I love when you find local (or close to local) boutiques that every item you see, you know you must have it all. This wide bell sleeve sweater was no exception. Check out Ascot and Company ! The bell sleeve is so eye catching that you can easily pair with jeans and booties and call it a day. A lot of times I appreciate a simple outfit.

Bell sleeves add personality and a new twist on a seemingly simple outfit. They are versatile and chic and can be styled numerous different ways. The oversized bell sleeves create a compelling look with minimal detail. Wear it with a suede mini skirt this spring, over a floral dress, maybe with some patterned bottoms, under a bomber or with some colored skinnies.

This necklace is another eye catching piece. It’s pure timeless beauty encapsulated around your neck. My mom was the one who came across this vintage jewelry collection and the story is so cool. One of the first pieces made, was from the creator’s Grandmother’s jewelry box! I love the chain because it reminds me of a classy collared blouse AND you can switch out the pendent! Talk about statement necklace. Plunder Design has a variety of unique vintage pieces that I love!

I’ve attached a few of my other favorite bell sleeves! It’s a sweater anyone can rock!

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February 23, 2017
March 2, 2017