Dear Kindred,

Clothing gives people style, personality and the ability to express themselves. It exudes a form of self-identify and pure energy. One of my fun passions is my clothing and I want to motivate you to find your passions in life and to share them with others! This is about more than clothing. I want to connect on a deeper level but, to also inspire your own personal style! The biggest claim, is I want to bring you pieces that help write your own story with your fashion! I want to know what I can bring you on my blog!

The blogging realm is full of new twists and turns & every day I am inspired by someone, something or somewhere new! There’s a lot of unknowns starting out but I can honestly say I feel right at home. I especially didn’t know what the weather would be like launching this time of year in the Midwest. So, I started taking photos of outfits ranging from extreme cold to warm-ish. It’s a nice little spectrum to begin with and I’m happily breaking out this sweater again.

This casual sweater from Banana Republic is one of my favorites. As my husband is spending his Spring Break in Red Lodge, Montana snowboarding (pure jealousy over here), I am just trying not to freeze. Although, happy news it’s going to warm up again and thankfully it won’t be as confusing to get dressed in the morning!

Anyone can wear fringe! Mainly, it is all about balance and not overdoing the details. Fringe allows the rest of your outfit to be very casual but still stay eye catching. You are able to let the fringe do all the talking. Fringe accents allow for added detail and movement to your outfit, along with adding texture, making it more noticeable and unique.

I have sweaters in my wardrobe that I wear all year long. This one is both cute and comfy. It’s thick material but airy enough to pair with jean shorts for spring or summer. And it’s such a rich beautiful white! Create a different look with black jeans, a patterned skirt, gaucho pants, the options are endless with this neutral piece. It doesn’t take a whole lot of thought which I love.

I paired them with a neutral side slit bootie and this fun feather necklace. I love taking casual outfits and adding just a few slightly unique pieces to pull the look together. With the busy schedule I hold, I like having numerous staple pieces that I can throw on without a whole lot of planning and have a completed casual outfit.

The first day of Spring is March 20, and I’m hoping that’s a sign that we will start to have more warmer days than cold! It’s also the first day of my new job! Yay! You all know that I am a NICU nurse at the hospital here where I live. I recently just accepted a position as a travel nurse and will be doing rotations in different NICU’s all around the United States! Welcome to this new journey, glad you are coming along! I can’t wait to share all about it. But, one big question as a blogger now, how do I even start to pack for traveling long term? Help! Leave me your best tips in the comments below.

I found some fun fringe sweaters to challenge your wardrobe. The first one is almost exactly like the one I have on!

He blesses and protects, everyone who runs to him.

Psalms 2:12


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March 9, 2017
March 16, 2017