Lies I sometimes tell myself include – just five more minutes of an episode, just one more page of that book, just one more piece of that chocolate bar, just five more minutes in bed. But, after a long weekend of working nights, to be honest I am looking forward to all those things on repeat! I think sometimes there is total value in doing nothing! What do you think?

I totally get caught up in the hustle of life. Sometimes I just forget to slow down and take a minute for myself. The beginning of this year I challenged myself to take on the word “stillness.” I personally think it’s so important to take the time to do something mindless, to let your heart wander and your dreams become bigger. To reflect on your goals and aspirations, to do something to clear your mind, relax your body and rejuvenate your soul! We all have those things that soften us. Don’t forget to remind yourself of that!

I can never quite choose just one thing from Vici Collection but I couldn’t pass up this trench. Every thing they feature is AMAZING! I know that suede can be a bit more of a cooler weather fabric but when it comes in a trench coat vest it can definitely be seasonal. I introduced some of my warmer weather items to piece it together. Add in a floral dress or some spring colors to give it a warmer feel.

It elevates any look and can be worn for years to come. The trench and waist tie accentuates your shape and no one is stopping me from wearing this transitional piece. Also, I tried it as a dress cinching the waist and it made for quite a unique look that I loved! I love the paneling that creates a soft flowy look.

I am loving anything lace and anything with flare sleeves so this top is a winner. Thanks Zara. It incorporates small details to add an overall look and can be worn so many different ways because of the pattern and color. I love the high neckline which gives it such a romanticized feel. This is oh so versatile and that’s what I’m all about. Whenever I feel like I need just a little something extra I like to add a statement necklace for a little pop of eye catching beauty.

These pieces can all be paired numerous different ways. Any black top can be worn as a layer, under or over a dress, with colored pants or denim and create any look you desire. This one makes it easy on us with the detailing.

My husband has been into scary movie marathons lately which I don’t do well joining in on – so I need help! Remember that whole mindless day I’m looking forward to this week? My biggest question yet – what series do I binge on Netflix?

Dwell In Hope

Psalm 16:9


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March 29, 2017
April 5, 2017