Dear Kindred,

I think this golden velvet dress brought some sunshine. I also see snow in the forecast so I guess a girl can dream. As I begin this new journey as a travel nurse (going completely out of my comfort zone I might add), close the door to my first job as a nurse and simply reflect, I want to share a little piece of that with you. The people.

I was able to get together with some of them this week and I didn’t quite realize how much I missed them already! The hardest part about leaving my job was leaving my coworkers. Coworker’s who became lifelong friends. And here’s why.

When you share a common thread with someone there is an instantaneous bond. It’s more than just a job when you share a piece of your heart for the same passion. I experienced celebrations and sometimes heartbreak with these people.

To be a part of an amazing team, to fight alongside those tiny fighters we have the privilege of calling our patients is the ultimate blessing. To watch together as our patients grow, flourish and eventually go home is a feeling only a NICU nurse would understand. Like Dr. Seuss said, “a person’s a person no matter how small!”

If there’s one thing I know that’s for sure, I love velvet! I remember the crushed velvet Christmas dresses growing up and now here I am filling my closet with them yet again. Velvet is quickly becoming an all season staple piece. Velvet can assume many personalities and it’s your time to shine to pull together a luxurious and eccentric velvet look.

I can’t help but drink up this dress. It’s not something I’ve ever worn before but velvet is becoming my jam. I think this is possibly the comfiest shift dress I’ve worn. Velvet in a lighter hue makes it very spring ready. Velvet is also a warmer material, so for these days of warming up it’s perfect. I can’t wait to rock it with some flats, layers and other spring colors! Mustard is also a super popular color at the moment.

Sometimes certain shift dresses can make me feel “frumpy” but this one is a heavier material that seems to go with the motion. I’m all about ease and dresses are ease. I love that it gives off a golden flare and is perfect for those future true sunny days! Velvet is eye catching and such a unique material. Try it out!

Ultimately, being the weirdo I am I am sure I will create lasting friendships wherever I’m led, but I’m honest when I say the nurses I worked with during my first job as a nurse are a group that are so compassionate, hilarious and loving. And those are totally my people! You are also totally my people!

I’ve linked a few different comparable velvet shift dresses. I got this one at Zara when I was in NYC, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. Sorry, but I still had to share my love for it.

Forever 21

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Forever 21

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April 2, 2017
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