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So, does anyone else have a major come to Jesus talk with yourself before you walk into Target? I’m talking like hand gestures, direct eye contact with yourself in the rearview mirror, quotes from your mother leaking out of your mouth & already plotting how you are going to explain to your husband why you came home with way more than just toothpaste??

Story of my life. It’s straight daunting to walk past the women’s clothing section & turn a blind eye. I just can’t do it. I don’t have the power. Usually I come out on top with some great deals – like this outfit! Like I’ve said in posts before, I’m a fan of basic casual.

This spring floral long sleeve blouse from Target with the tie front was my latest purchase that I’m not sad about. It came in a variety of patterns and colors but if you ask my sister – I will ALWAYS choose the floral. I love tops with a tad amount of detail and pattern because it doesn’t take much else to plan a complete outfit.

Now let’s talk about these mules. Tin Wagon just doesn’t disappoint. Even if you aren’t a straight Western Girl, there is something for every one & believe me because I have a full list! Also, she just had a huge shipment of new arrivals that I’m drooling over!

Mules are an essential. Both heeled and flat. The backless heel has been given a youthful makeover. I do believe as a 90’s girl I wore plenty of mules but potentially a little less stylish. The sense of ease, completing an outfit or using them as an object of focus are just a few things that mules accomplish. You can purchase these exact ones here from Tin Wagon and seriously I’m obsessed. So comfortable as well!

P.s. a little funny behind the scenes story. I had been eyeing this teal shed for a few days, but it may or may not be in someone’s yard. So, as I snuck on to the grass, a man from a few houses down started walking towards us on the sidewalk. I was sure we had gotten caught and so I started to get nervous. Hot sweats. Jittery. Palpitations. He was taking his sweet ol’ time walking, so then I got even more awkward (giving Braden the side eye to check him out, trying to act normal) but needless to say he was just going on a walk around the block. Slowly. The nerve. 😉

Thanks Tin Wagon for sponsoring this post<3

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