Dear Kindred,

Happy Easter! A few of my favorite things include, the true celebration of Easter, making new friends, hearing their stories & FLORAL! Today, I’m making bunny pages for my NICU babies and snuggling them close! I hope you all have such a special day!

Let’s talk about this dress & the person who sent it my way. I met Jennsine through ShopStevie. She is a rep for their program and as we started to delve into our partnership as blogger and business owner I quickly realized this was someone I wanted to know more of! Visit and shop her site here. Which yet again just solidified my decision to jump into blogging. The beauty of her story is it fit’s in sync with mine & that’s why I want to share a little piece of it! People are amazing!

Always wanting to be involved in fashion and own her own business from home had been a dream of hers & she finally found the perfect fit as a ShopStevie Rep. She later found that going into business changed from being about herself to being about her customers. One of her first pop up shops, she had three women come in, all different shapes and sizes and left with the same top that they all fell in love with.

This made her realize that she has the power to help women feel beautiful. It also made her think back to growing up and the challenges she faced with trying to “fit in” with the “fashions of the time” but feeling uncomfortable and not confident. Once she found ShopStevie she knew that “these pieces can make any woman look beautiful, feel comfortable and stay up to style for such a great price.” She is driven by the smiles and confidence she sees from her customers! Such a beautiful heart. And she sent me some dang cute pieces that I can’t wait to share! Let’s start with this one!

The floral pattern is what hooked me. But then add ruffles on the hem and sleeves and I’m sunk! I love the high neckline because you can add a solid statement necklace or because of the large pattern be confident with no accessories. The thing I love about spring and summer are easy dresses. You don’t need a whole lot of planning to create a successful outfit. There are so many fun cuts, styles and patterns! This makes for so many options for different days, events and outings. I also think you can pull so many colors from this for shoe pairings. The bright colors give a great contrast for brunettes as well! There are a million and one cute dresses on Shop Stevie right now. Make sure to check them out! Use my discount code LESLIE15 here for 15% off your whole purchase!

I believe Jennsine and I were destined to meet. My dream is to create limitless relationships through my style and as I explore more into this blogging world I realize that it can be so much bigger than myself. The people I’ve met with the stories they carry all hold a much more meaningful power than the outfits I wear! The beauty of it is that we all come with something unique and together we can create something so dynamic with the same goal! To love people! I believe this fits my dream as a blogger!

Follow her on Instagram at to shop her site!

Stay tuned for more pieces from ShopStevie! & again, HAPPY EASTER!!!!

I know that my redeemer lives!

Job 19:25


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April 12, 2017
April 19, 2017