Dear Kindred,

As a nurse I have the opportunity to witness and be a part of things that others won’t ever. I sometimes find myself caught up in the workload, tasks and timeline of my work and miss out on the blessings and miracles all around me. This week I am reminded of the true art of my career!

I was able to be a spectator to something so special this week – the introduction and gender reveal of a new grand baby. I quietly sat back as each grandparent anxiously entered the room, ever so quiet to not disturb the new baby. One holding a blue gift bag and a pink gift bag, the other trying to take a peak at the crib. Once the introduction was made with tears in the mother’s eyes, arms were thrown up in celebration, cheers exploded and love erupted deeply in that room.

I was welcomed in the celebration by one of the grandfather’s grabbing my shoulder and saying with the biggest grin “I have a new granddaughter – isn’t she beautiful!” I then was able to listen to stories told by each sweet grandparent, future dreams they had for the new bundle and how proud they were of the children they raised that were now parents themselves. At the end one of the grandmother’s looked at me and said, “I can’t wait to dress her up in tutu’s!” My kind of lady!

I had a pair of corduroy jeans growing up, but I can’t say I’ve owned a pair since because I just didn’t love them. But, now that a fellow blogger friend megan_d_blackwell sent me this pair from Anthropologie there’s no turning back. I’m obsessed and they are on repeat.

I don’t care what season it is corduroy is now my jam. What I think is appropriate wear depends on two things: where I’m going and the weather! And right now what season is it here anyway?? Let’s be real – weather patterns are not the same around the world. And cords are a bang for your buck because you can wear them a variety of seasons.

The past decades are coming back and we can combine them with our modern day trends to style them! These pants are an an all time classic trend. Corduroy can be a textile for so many things (skirts, jackets, pants). They come in fun colors, can be worn year round and provide an interesting texture to an outfit! It allows for a style change up and a put together look that’s so comfortable. By pairing them with a brighter color and spring/summer styles you can wear them all season. I loved replacing my denim with corduroy. It’s my love story.

Now, let’s talk about the all time love of neck scarves! These are officially the new definition of making a statement! It’s a woman’s tie and it’s so fun! Tie it like a choker and add a long necklace, take your bandanna and create an edgy look, knot it once like I did or twice to make it thicker around the neck, triangle your scarf for a cowboy look. It’s the easiest way to dress up a casual look.

In addition, there are so many options including bold patterns, a variety of materials including silk and chiffon it’s a trend that’s easy, simple and something any woman can pull off! Scarves are one of my all time favorite accessories and give you a little power surge with your outfit!

Basic white anything is truly everything! A perfect basic you need. I got it from Target (exact) it’s so soft & a great price! I went with the burgundy tones to match the scarf along with making it a bit more spring like! Mixing grey tones together as a lighter neutral color is something I’ve been challenging myself with!

Don’t forget to remind yourself to take a step back in your every day life and enjoy and experience the miraculous things all around us!

Comparable Grey Corduroy’s : Macy’s & Levi’s

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April 15, 2017
April 23, 2017