The Gift of Time With JORD Watches

Dear Kindred,

Mother’s Day is coming up and today I’m talking all about my mama! I’ve teamed up with JORD (thank you for sponsoring this post) to bring you a chance to win a $100.00 e-gift code towards a watch of your choice! I thought, what better gift to give to the women who have given us so much – the gift of time. Our mom’s! I believe one of the purest love’s we will ever receive. I am thankful for all the motherly figures in my life including grandmother’s and my mother-in-law who I all love dearly!

Today, I’m sharing just a quick glimpse about my mom in a few words. Although, I truly could go on and on. I want you to hear about her heart & if you know her well, you will shake your head in agreement. My mom is the most complete person I know. She has a fiercely praying heart and loves to put other’s first. She is the goofiest lady I’ve met, she always knows the right thing to say and she has supported me with honesty, compassion and encouragement. Someone who never gives up, who views the positive in everything and is a fighting warrior. And maybe sometimes a bit forgetful;) I look back now and think WOW my mom was right about everything! I’m proud to say I got it from my mama!

JORD Watches has said it best. “The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”

With women’s watches there are numerous different styles and brands. JORD is a high quality company that makes breathtaking watches! This women’s watch is my all time favorite and seriously what a unique mother’s day gift, significant other gift, or even just a cool watch for yourself! Watches are an accessory that fit any look you are trying to portray and let’s be honest so practical. I love JORD because they are so modern and unique. This watch is so earthy and feminine. In the sun it glows a beautiful pink color and comes in a gorgeous wooden box for storage.

GUESS WHAT! I’m hosting a contest! One of my followers will win one $100 e-gift code to use at JORD to purchase their own unique watch! All other entries will receive a 25$ discount just for entering! Can’t get much better than that – you win no matter what! Those who wish to enter the contest must do so by visiting and fill out all the information!

Also, I’ve learned a few things about the wood my watch was made from, which I found so interesting and wanted to share. Sandalwood is prized for its fragrances and the oil in sandalwood has been used for cosmetics, eastern medicine and religious ceremonies. Shop my exact watch here: JORD watches are so practical, yet so beautiful! I’ve gotten so many compliments and it’s fun to add a little spice to your arm candy.
I can’t wait to see my mom in just a few days! What is something you love about your mom? What makes her so special? Let me know down below. Everything I am, you helped me to be – so thank you mom! I love you! P.S. Check out my Instagram video I made to display this watch! This was a first for me. What do you think?!
Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.
Proverbs 31:31
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May 2, 2017