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Taking it casual in my Dakota Uprising tee! I am a seeker of beauty and stillness, and Dakota Uprising is my souls adventure seeker on a tee. Can we just take a moment to take in this nature view. The scenery was literally breathtaking and so green and dynamic in contrast! I could have sat next to that creek all day listening to water run over the rocks.

I lived in Rapid City, SD for three years and I can tell you it was one of my favorite places I’ve lived. The Black Hills makes me forever in awe of our creator. They are intoxicating yet so serene, intense but freeing. They have such a magnetic pull to awaken the soul. The mountains remind me that we can do more than just exist. We can have great adventure and to seek a great perhaps! Let’s always take the scenic route.

Dakota Uprising is a company that has exclusive designs that commemorate the beauty of the black hills on a t-shirt. The Black Hills is a huge tourist spot and I think you can see why! They chose the name Dakota Uprising as a personal challenge to raise greater awareness of the beauty, the truly special environment, and culture they have in the Black Hills. And they have nailed it.

Living there I met such creative and adventurous souls! There was something so special about the vibe there. If you’ve ever been to the black hills or want to visit the black hills this tee is the one to do it in. Visit her site to check out her tees, tanks and hats for a one of a kind design!

A uniform I’d love to wear is tees and jeans every single day. This classic combo is my go to for everything. For a date, brunch, dinner, work, errands, even a party. It’s all about what you pair it with. Depending on what you are looking for think about layering, adding unique shoes, accessories and other statements. I wanted to focus directly on my tee so kept it extremely casual. We had also went on a hike that day and it was so hot so I wanted to be cool as a cucumber!

The Black Hills is a place everyone should visit in their lifetime! Let’s go!

Go everywhere in the world, and tell the good new to everyone.

Mark 16:15



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    Tracy Peterson

    May 10, 2017

    Love this outfit and the beautiful scenery!!!