This weekend I spent the day with some major boss babes! A group of fearless ladies who exude self confidence, love and encouragement. There is nothing more beautiful than a group of women fighting to rise together!! Stay tuned for a sneak peak into our day together. For now go check out their blogs! (Attached below) Kittsona hosted a little sip & shop event for us and they were sweet enough to offer our followers 15% off this week using the code {stylecollective15} online or in store!

There’s something so funny about standing in the middle of a busy road to take photos. As we were taking these, I’d have to play it cool every few seconds as I nonchalantly walked to the side to wave and give a small head nod at a blue collar worker heading home. It made me think about where we are all going and coming from and I resonated in that as I tried not to become road kill. It’s all about the wild stuff along the way that makes life so valuable! Never let a stumble in the road (like keeping it casual, on the side of the road in the country) be an end to your journey! So, keep on rolling, keep fighting for the “up ahead” and always go the extra mile!

Can we talk about these glasses! When Sojos reached out I about peed my pants to be honest. You can see the other pair I have here and they are S.O. good! These specifically, come in a variety of colors that allow you to create different feels and looks with your outfits. The mirrored lens makes so that you cannot see your eyes and the gold rim on the outside creates great dimension. I love that they are big but still fit every face shape. Taking me to the seventies a little. They are very well made and don’t feel cheap or flimsy.

These glasses specifically are simple but elegant and unique, and of course they’re never, ever boring. They can be somewhat unconventional for everyone because of their unique features but they are definitely a win in my book! I already am planning my next pair! These are beauty and classic style all wrapped into one!

I am loving anything ruffle lately and so has to bust out this tank from Kittsona that I got last summer. The love I have for the subtle ruffling at the bottom is real. I think it can be sometimes challenging to find ruffled summer tops that aren’t too bulky. The solid color offers a lot of outfit options and can be paired with so many ideas. I’ve been loving the bold red color lately.

I’ve been loving the neck scarf trend so decided to be resourceful & make my own! I went to JoAnns and found a few fabrics I loved and bought little swatches of them! Loving this vintage bicycle pattern!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Everyone’s path is different and everyone’s journey is beautiful!

Run the road God called you to travel

Ephesians 4


Style Blogger + NICU Nurse

May 10, 2017