Today I’m taking us in a bit of a different direction. Athletic wear! We all wear it! Whether you are an avid gym rat, an outdoorsy gal or simply like the comfort of a good pair of leggings on your couch while eating ice cream and watching a good movie – I’ve found the best!

As some of you may know, and others may not, I have been a dancer since I was three years old. My mom had intended to chill out the energizer bunny three-year-old, she called her daughter by placing her in dance classes. Little did she know that little girl in the pink leotard with her undies showing through her tights would find a passion she would never give up. Dance was my passion growing up and I was a part of so many amazing opportunities and experiences I now cherish as memories! I’m always looking for ways to try new styles and then aerial Silks walked in!

I attended my first Cirque du Soleil show when I was 12 years old. The aerialists foot locked and posed above me and I leaned over to my mom to whisper, “someday I’m going to do that.” Fast forward to being accepted into to nursing school and moving to a new city – where guess what they had just opened an aerial studio. It became my muse and the people I met were incredible and now lifelong friends. I was a professional performer for two years and now teach and attend training’s and leisurely find new tricks on my own.

With the way your body twists, turns and stretches during aerial I want a pair of leggings that are mighty! And these from Fittness Collective are on repeat. Not only does she have the most amazing display of BA fitness wear she is awesome herself. It’s crazy how quickly I bond with the people I partner with and just know it was 110% meant to be!

This top and sports bra are also from Fitness Collective and are so fun, breathable and soft! This is good quality stuff people! She doesn’t only offer fitness either. She has a variety of fun casual styles to wear on the streets and I have another piece I can’t wait to showcase soon!

I love working with local brands because I know who I’m getting my pieces from and not only that they genuinely care about you loving their product! And plus they are great quality! These leggings will be on repeat. So many compliments already. And great for a little tush lift!

When I dance, my soul is set free. It’s a way of expression and storytelling. A fleeting moment when I feel totally alive, that has shaped me into the person I am in so many different ways. Everyone can dance, but it’s dancing with your heart that counts!

Let us Praise Him with dance

Psalm 149:3


Style Blogger + NICU Nurse

May 25, 2017


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    May 23, 2017

    What strength and beauty in these photos! And cute leggings!