Praising for these beautiful spring days! This week I had the privilege of taking one of my friends shopping to find the perfect rehearsal dinner outfit for her wedding this weekend! I mean seriously how fun is it to dress someone else!? I can’t wait to show you all the location and details. Talk about breathtaking!

You know, friendships are weird. And awesome! You meet for the first time. Awkwardly exchange in conversation. And before you know it you consider them one of your closest friends and you don’t even know how it really happened. I am honored to be her personal attendant for their wedding! I can’t wait to serve her on her special day & make her feel oh so special!

I’m taking my role very seriously. (hehe) I can’t wait to bustle you into your dress and then later help you pee, direct your fiancé through the day, gush over how beautiful you look, hug you before you walk down the aisle and dance my butt off with you during the reception. Thank you for asking me to assist in making your day easier. It’s all about you babe & I can’t wait to celebrate!

Now, onto this spring outfit. I love Raki! Listen to this. She created a trailer to travel and do pop up shops all over the globe. SO, if you are looking for something unique and fantastic – I’ll send her your way! So cool! Floral and stripes?? You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s my spirit animal of patterns! This top with the collar and buttons give it a bit of a chic look while the pattern screams spring perfection. I love tops where you can choose the bottoms so effortlessly.White or black denim, jeans, skirts, maybe really venture out and pair with a different pattern. Seriously this top is so soft too! And it’s a perfect sleeveless number!

I love any colored denim but I’m really into the pinks lately. I surprise myself when I say that because for the longest time – I was a no go on the color pink. Now, it’s such a perfect spring color that I just have to! I love this denim because they fit like a glove & are such good quality. I love the semi distressed look and just oh so comfy.

If it was socially acceptable to wear a hat every day of my life, I think I would! I especially love the wide brimmed hat’s. They’re a statement within themselves! If you have a more simple outfit you can adventure out and wear a bold hat, but if you have a little bit more outgoing outfit stick with the neutral hat.

Did you know, that there is actually guidelines on how to pick out a hat that fits your face shape? Heart shaped? Choose a curved brim or floppy brim. Wide or narrow? She was a hat with a straight brim and a high crown. Oval face? You are safe and can rock anything! But, let’s be real! In my opinion anyone can rock anything! I think hats are so dynamic to an outfit!

My two year wedding anniversary is in just a few days! I can’t even believe it! But, I’ll save the sappy story for that day! You may be seeing some special photos for that day so stay tuned!

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