Dear Kindred,

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to my Braden Lee! Second year anniversary?? Time flies when you’re having fun. A little over 8 years ago this hunk entered my life, and I must say I snagged a good one! It’s unfathomable to me the thought that marriage just keeps getting better, because it’s honestly THE BEST. The little moments that we share, the new things I learn about him every day & the way my heart still skips a beat when I get to see him are incredible!

I don’t know why God chose me to be Bradens wife but, what I do know is I will praise him for that forever.

We balance each other in such a perfect way. He graciously lets this crazy heart of mine dream big & I graciously force him to make phone calls to the pizza guy still (cue Ray’s best man speech)

A few fun random things I love about Braden:

1. The way his lip twitches when he writes

2. That he’s very particular about the way the toilet paper roll is placed, the way the silverware goes in the dishwasher and how his pillow is fluffed before he can go to bed

3. That he prays for me every day & challenges me to be a better version of myself

4. How selfless he is – it’s my favorite trait about him. His caring nature shows his true heart & he loves without limits

5. That he’s always up for adventure, trying something new & of course the outdoors!

6. With his old age I’m not the only one that cries during movies now 😉

7. His forehead kisses

8. How truly helpful and encouraging he is

9. That we never stop dreaming, thinking of ideas & goals together, and laughing

10. His smile (I mean come on – melting)
We went through our wedding albums and if we could relive our wedding day, every day, we would! For those of you there you understand why, for those of you who weren’t – well you missed out;) We are still so moved and thankful for the people who have shown us love, mentorship & encouragement along this road we call – The Benson’s!
Also, at our wedding we had a “Keys to Success” jar for people to write us tips & advice for when marriage gets hard and those have been so amazing to sit down and reread every once in a while, especially on our anniversary. We have been so blessed with people who love us and want nothing but success for our marriage. Things such as…

Don’t go to bed mad, Do things you like but, do things the other person likes too, communicate always, never stop adventuring, you don’t have to always like each other but never stop loving & the list goes on.

Lastly, I’d not be doing my blogging duty if I didn’t tell you about this dapper man’s outfit and my dress! Especially since the 2nd year gift for an anniversary is cotton! Men, if you haven’t heard of the FiveFourClub you should check it out. A monthly subscription for clothing. Easy enough. He’s gotten a few good things we love from it! My dress is from Shopko can you believe it? Like I’ve said before I never am close minded when it comes to maybe finding a steal somewhere!
Through the challenges and celebrations I promise to be by your side. From the day I said “I do” I mean it even more now! I could go on and on forever but one thing I know for certain is, I will love you until my lungs run out. Happy Anniversary my love! Oh and…I’m just happy to be hereeeee (cue McKayla’s maid of honor speech) Enjoy some our favorite photos from our wedding by our lovely photographer Theresa J. Photography

P.S. Don’t you think I should put him in front of the camera more!

I have found the one whom my soul loves

Song of Solomon 3:4


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    June 5, 2017

    Be sure & get this address change!! Love all your blogs!!