Dear Kindred,

Blogger?? After I launched my blog, the ultimate question I receive is, what does a blogger ‘actually’ do?! Well…. to be honest that’s a good question because I’m still trying to figure it out myself 😉

But, Here’s what I know. Ready?

It wasn’t until 1997 that the term ‘weblog’ was defined as an online process of logging the web. Then, in 1999 the term “blogging” came to light. Political blogs were some of the most popular early on and then “how to” & “mommy” blogs took a close second. Now, there are over 50 million blogs out there & they have a large means of an online presence. You probably don’t even realize the amount of blogs you already read! Any sort of question you type into Google, usually pulls up numerous different bloggers answering that exact question. I think the future of blogging is only going to get better & I’m excited to have the entrepreneurial title of blogger!

So! I hope you are surprised in all the behind the scenes because that means I’m doing my job and making it look easy, along with bringing you passionate content both you and I love! I am learning new things every day & still have a long ways to go, but I am loving every minute of it! It’s NOT easy in any way & I could probably write a whole post about the challenges that come with it, but I know it’s worth it!

First things first, I had to choose a name, buy a URL, find a web host & create my website (it took me about two months to be ready for launch). Courtney, my friend who is a web & graphic designer at Sand Pieper Design is a Godsend for helping me perfect my website and answering all my silly technology questions! She also created my logo! Anddddd she’s a photographer – I mean amazing talent! Check her out at Courtney Danielle Photography!

Then, the real work begins! This includes pairing together eye catching outfits, finding locations to match that idea, writing content that isn’t a bore & staying up to date on the trends and what people want to know! Also, includes but not limited to, learning how to finally work my canon camera, reaching out to or responding to brands, creating a unique online presence and being active online!

Also, I just have to throw this out there… NO! I am not a model or trying to be one, but I want to show you clothing on a real person! So, I’ve done my fair share of mirror posing, laughing at my awkward shots & creeping on a majority of people to maybe someday get that perfect shot!

BUT! Here’s my ultimate favorite thing about blogging & the true reason behind why I chose to become a blogger.

The people!

I could go ON AND ON about how much I love them! I’m not kidding! The people I have met are unreal! Passions have come to life through these people. Believe me when I say I’ve scoured the internet to find other bloggers in my area and although my creepings have found me success – we are few and far between! I have best friends now that are bloggers in states hundreds of miles away. They’ve all been amazing mentors, inspirations & so encouraging! I’ve even been able to meet some of them in real life. I have created friendships with brands I’ve worked with that will last a lifetime & I’ve been contacted by readers who are uhhhh-mazing! All of me favorite things. That truly is what it’s all about for me!

Blogging has opened doors for me to attend events that are so much bigger than myself, to make my ideas come to life, to leave my comfort zone and push the line, and it’s challenged me to open my eyes to the possibilities of this life! It has ignited my soul even more to be creative, to be authentic and to be vulnerable with my readers! Anyone can create a perfect life online & I can promise you mine is not that. But, I want to open the doors to the inside of my life and share my passions with you. I don’t know much about fashion but I love styling things I love and it’s been so fun sharing that with you! We each have such a unique story that’s worth sharing! Run with that!

Culotte pants are probably my favorite thing at the moment. These are from Key Bliss Boutique & on super sale. But seriously, culottes. Talk about snappy casual. They just make me feel cool. The linen material is amazing! You can dress them up or down so easily! Add length and snazz with a heel or keep it casual with a cute pair of flats. You can literally pair them with any top. Literally. They have an element of surprise & keep you far from basic! For me, this is a perfect spring look. This tank from Brandy Melville is the softest thing I’ve ever laid hands on, and who doesn’t need a perfect white tank! And for the price you can’t beat it. I love their basics because they make such a statement.

I don’t actually know what the heck I’m doing as a blogger so I hope I’ve fooled at least a few people. If you have any tips, advice or comments you want to share with me about what you want to see here on dearKindred, let me know. You are a force to be reckon with and the world is your oyster! So! If you have something on your mind you want to know about – I’m your girl! Chase your dreams – you never know where they will lead!

P.S. I apologize for the wrinkles in these gorgeous pants. I was moving and grooving before we shot these so got a little out of control. It’s life. They say wrinkles only go where smiles have been so I guess what you can assume from that is I was having a great time in these pants! 😉

Set your mind on things above

Colossians 3:2


Style Blogger + NICU Nurse

June 5, 2017