What a perfect thing to receive on a MONDAY night! WOW! To say I am honored would be an understatement. The founder Annie Spano of the blogging platform Style Collective Nominated ME for the fearless award as a Regional Leader. Along with the other nominated Regional Leaders I am so proud to stand next to such phenomenal women! Little ol’ ME! I’m speechless. Okay, not really I have a lot to say but, man my heart is so full! I am so humbled.

The Fearless Award is an award for #BOSSBABES who empower other women to do what they love! Style Collective is a platform for female influencers to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. The Fearless Award is a way to empower and connect with other bloggers. Let’s start a movement. Today, I am sharing with you some facts about me and my blogging adventure & introducing you to a few bloggers I look up to that are a part of Style Collective!

Fearless Award Questions:

Who are you?!

What a question! What I do is work as a full time NICU nurse, Aerial Silks & PoundFit instructor. Who I am. I’d say I’m a servant. Someone to love you! I strive to be creative, kind & to never stop learning and chasing my dreams.

What is your blog/Instagram all about?

Fashion & Friendship! I want a site that is raw and organic, a place that creates deeper ties through a passion for fashion! It’s a place to share my style, my heart and my passions!

What do you LOVE about blogging/Instagramming?

People! The beauty of humankind is that we are all created differently. Sculpted by the sculptor into something so uniquely magnificent. I think it’s so undeniable fulfilling to create relationships. Our world needs more relationships that are dangerously awake, fully alive and unified in heart and purpose. I also love so many other things including how it challenges me to dig deeper, to not give up and that I get to be creative.

What do you not love about blogging/Instagramming?

Comparison! It’s hard not to! Honestly. There are freaking phenomenal people out there & for me it’s a natural human thing to fall in to. BUT! I also love that even though we are all like minded in blogging – we bring something SO unique to the world!

What are your goals (big and small!) for your blog/Instagram?

To always be authentic & create more and more relationships with people. To create relationships with brands, to use it as a means of income.

If you could be better at one thing, what would it be?

My public speaking skills & putting myself out of my comfort zone. I believe that’s when you grow the most and your goals and dreams become more clear.

Who are your biggest supporters? How/why?

I already have a huge list of my biggest supporters. It’s crazy what someone can accomplish when they have people behind them full of love, encouragement, inspiration & faith. My family, my friends, my fellow bloggers & and mostly my husband for always letting this crazy heart dream big.

What do you wish there was more of in your life?

TIME! Plain and simple! If you figure out how to get more of that – let me know!

Fearless Award Secret Facts:

  1. I’ve kept every card I’ve received since I can remember. I have a huge tote with cards from birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, thank you’s & anything you can think of. Going through & and reading the sweet messages and seeing handwriting from love ones who have left this Earth is so heartwarming
  2. My love for going through the card aisle while I’m shopping is so real. They are always written so eloquently & I just love the meaning behind a card
  3. I started dancing when I was two. My mom swears I started in the womb. I still dance teaching aerial silks and PoundFit.
  4. Growing up, I had a guinea pig growing up named Shyla and a horse named Moola who were both my favorite & I spent a lot of time with them!
  5. I lost my uncle at 14 which is one of the biggest reasons why I pursued nursing as my career!

It took me a while to think of actual secrets. So, I asked my family some secret facts they think define me & I just had to share because my heart is full! My sister says I have a “grandmas” soul (fairly true) ha! My dad says I have a unique personality and look outside the box, my mom says I always look at the positive in every situation & my husband says I am selfless. I’m not making it up, but I mean WOW talk about tear jerkers. Kind of fun to hear how other people see you in their eyes. Hence why they are my biggest supporters! It’s humbling to be nominated and it’s humbling to try and write about myself in a way that’s not to brag. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the people in my life. That’s affirmative!

I NOMINATE (drumroll): (I could nominate 100 easily!)

Ladies, here’s what you do next:

Compose the post on your blog (or Instagram? Could be kind of fun?!) and THANK the person who nominated you! Be sure to link to their Blog/Instagram!

Answer the Fearless Award questions (the questions that I answered above). List out 5 secret facts about yourself/blog/brand.

Post on your blog/Instagram! If on blog: Include the Fearless Award graphic (available here & here). If on Instagram: use the hashtag #BecomingFearless and tag @stylecollective_

Nominate at least 5 #bossbabes who you think align with the Style Collective mantra of women championing women! List them and link to their blogs/Instagram. Include a sentence or two on why you love their blog/Instagram!

Inform the nominees that you’ve elected them for the Fearless Award! They should post their answers and award rules on their blog/Instagram.

To all of my readers. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

Be joyful always. Pray continually. Give thanks in all circumstances.

1 Thessalonians 5:16


Style Blogger + NICU Nurse