Dear Kindred,

Real Talk. My husband and I were driving through campus this weekend and randomly it dawned on me that I will never be an undergraduate college student again. For some reason that shook my human heart in a weird way. I confess. I started thinking of the things I haven’t done or accomplished yet, felt like I’m behind the curve of success and saw myself through jaded lenses.

Hold up. Not true.

Sometimes we fall into worldly views and perceptions and comparisons & I was quickly smacked back into reality by the man in the driver’s seat that God sees us as perfect and beautiful no matter where we are at. That we are all writing our own stories, but seen through the same heavenly eyes. What a beautiful reminder I needed. We aren’t alone & I think every one can honestly say they’ve been there.

To me, people can see your heart through your eyes. And when you look into mine I want you to know that your identity is not found in what you’ve done on Earth. That you are enough and that there is no reason for any sort of comparison. You are unique & you don’t have to be perfect to make an impact on this world! We all bring something so much bigger. I wish we could see ourselves through God’s eyes. I know we’d see a perfect image even through the brokenness! Am I right?

Stay free in your authenticity, be unapologetically you & PROUD of where you are at no matter where that may be, because I see you & y.o.u. are killin it!


In the digital age you can purchase almost anything. This includes your spectacles. In a sense, glasses can somewhat define you. It’s up to you to find your signature look, but I am going to help make it easier for you! So, what do you need to do to make a successful purchase for your eye balls?

Well, it’s simple. Follow the directions & Coastal will do the rest!

The most important thing is to first look at the arm of  your present glasses. On the left hand side there will be three numbers. This is your perfect fit which will narrow down your choices and help you to pick the right pair. These three figures measure the length, bridge gap and arm length of your glasses.

Once you have your measurements you can plug them right into MyFit & this will narrow down your results to help you find the ultimate show – stopping pair! You are able to directly enter your prescription & voila, finished. This is the most important part but there are a few cosmetics to think about.

I’m no expert and these opinions are all my own, but I’ve been a part of the four eyed group for a while now. Personally, I usually tend to go with what’s comfortable & my style but here are a few pointers. You wouldn’t think so, but your shape face is a big proponent to the success and comfort of your glasses!

  • Round Face: Bold, squared off
  • Square Face: Sharp angles, curved styles
  • Heart – Shaped Face: Deep base, wingtip, wider than your brow
  • Oval Face: Universal (lucky you)

Ever considered your skin ton?

  • Warm Tones: play up thelight tortoise, brown, golds, beige and olive green frames
  • Cool Tones: reach for frames that are grey, black, silver and pink

There’s also thoughts about hair color, eye color & the list goes on, but my train of thought is, if you like them and they fit….do it. I make sure to always choose UV resistant & anti-reflective lenses. I always try to choose frames that are both functional for my every day life, but also play up my style & personality. With making a personal statement you are bound to draw attention to those beautiful eyes!

Denim skirts are making a comeback and my 90’s girl heart is loving it. From distressed to button down, you name it they got it. I am working with 2weeksnotice clothing to bring you the most feminine cream kimono & school girl denim. I am loving mustard yellow this season & it was a no brainer to pair these together for a little bit of a campus vibes.

God has cultivated a beauty that will never fade & that’s you!

 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal

2 Chorinthians 4:18


Style Blogger + NICU Nurse