So. Who has ever locked their keys in their car? Guilty. Okay. Y I K E S. Kills me a little inside to see my key ring sitting ever so nicely right on my seat. You stare in at them so hard you think magic may just be real. That somehow your retinas can unlock your car from one daring glance.

False. I can assure you of that. I tried. Numerous times.

This happened to me shortly before these gorgeous shots were taken. Debriefing the situation a few days later, I came to this thought. Just like the locksmith was my saving grace to getting me in the door of my car, God is kind of like that with us and the doors of life. We have to be patient in waiting for what door is meant to open and that the right locksmith is absolutely going to come along & open it.

No matter how hard you try or hope or want or pray – God’s timing always seems to be a little bit different than ours doesn’t it? It also seems to be exactly what meant to be. I’ve been a part of a few of these situations lately and as much as I want to be right, Gods always righter (Ha! Righter? Yeah I grammar!). As much as I dissect situations and try to make them go my way, his plan always ends up being better.

In the end, we ended up with perfect lighting for the rest of my photos, had some great conversations (filled with a few laughs & fake tears about being locked out) and I spent a few more seconds thanking my lucky stars that people break into cars for a living.

So, if any of you are struggling with timing, rest assured, I’m right there with you. From experience I can say that it all works out and I’m happy to announce I’m safely back in my car reminding myself every five minutes to keep my keys close, but God closer!

Now, allow me to introduce…

The Potato Sack Dress!

It falls somewhere between an oversized shift dress and a potato sack. With buttons down the front, a split on each side and a gorgeous burnt orange color (perfect for fall) – this dress is a fancier version of the brown bag that is filled with my favorite vegetable – the potato sack.

I’ve been eyeing this dress all season and finally fell in to its encapsulating grasp and the voice inside my head telling me I need to figure out ‘how to wear’ it. I found it to be the perfect timing now as the weather begins to transition and change. Bring on the layering, different fabrics, fun patterns and color schemes.

Being that I’m somewhat of a lanky string bean – I found the dress to catch my eye, but seriously confuse me in how to wear it without losing shape. I am all about the oversized, high fashion, edgy look but it was a matter of piecing it together to create an overall eye catching [finished] look.

The most simple thing is to tie the front and back together. In my case I wanted to keep the ‘dress’ look so just tied the front. It also allowed me to wear this faux leather skirt I’ve been dying to find an outfit for. It gave it a fun peek-a-boo effect to create a little bit of edge amongst the neutral solid dress.

Here’s the thing – you can wear anything oversized in my opinion. It’s a matter of finishing it out to still create a figure. You could also throw on a fitted jacket of some sort or add a belt around the middle. I find booties give it a completed look too, elongating the legs. Tucking the front in to a pair of your favorite denim jeans gives a hi low effect, with a casual spin. I totally plan to just rock it out in all its potato sack glory too!

Is there a piece of clothing that’s caught your eye but you have no idea how to wear?! Let’s chat and create something brilliant!

When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.

Isaiah 60:22


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