Dear Kindred,

My hubby turns 28 today and so I not only want to wish him the happiest birthday EVER but also wanted to give you a few of our favorite holiday date night ideas!

Happy Birthday to the man who leaves me speechless with your selflessness, kindness, smarts & the list goes on. Sometimes I look back at our life together this far and can only believe that through it all God knew it was meant to be. He had our path planned out ever so perfectly even when we didn’t. Your smile drives me crazy, the way your upper lip twitches when you write makes me laugh & just the sight of you makes my heart pitter patter. I hope you know how amazing you are and how truly blessed I feel to call you my husband. Here’s to another year of creating memories and discovering new things I love about you. Here’s to so many more adventures together! Here’s to you! Happy Birthday my love!

I’m a sucker for a little holiday spirit and an even bigger sucker for “that could be from a movie” date ideas! Especially with all the Holiday movies that I’ve been watching lately. Since my hubs and I’s reunion will be over the holiday season I thought of some fun spirited date ideas we love! All of these I imagine to have holiday music, your most festive holiday wear, lights, holiday candle, a warm Christmas drink & a whole lot of love!

Here are my top ten date ideas. Let’s get festive!

  1. Pick out a tree: This is a fun idea because you can get a few things out of it – cute photos, a cute tree and cute memories. Simple as that
  2. Christmas movies: put on your favorite matching holiday jammies (I know theres more of you out there guilty of this), make some popcorn, hot cocoa, light up the tree and watch all your favorite holiday movies! Believe me that I’ve scoured the internet to find ALL the cheesiest holiday movies
  3. Gingerbread House: light hearted competition anyone?? Who can create the best! Some of the best dates don’t even require you to leave the house!
  4. Looking at Christmas Lights: One of our traditions growing up and something I still love doing! Hop in the car, play Christmas radio and find the best Christmas lights in your city! I love this idea too because its a time to truly connect without many distractions!
  5. Baking: everybody loves a good holiday cookie or sweet am I right?
  6. Anything Outdoors: depending on where you live of course! Sledding, skiing, snow-shoeing, a walk through the park, horse drawn carriage, ice skating!
  7. Play/Concert: One of my favorites! Wether its small and local or big and fancy, you can always find something in your area for the arts! Plus you can dress up!
  8. Caroling/Ice Skating: I paired these two together because well…I’m not good at either, but they are both so fun!
  9. Giving Back: With all the holiday hustle I think we can all agree that giving back is huge during the holidays. My favorite is the Angel Tree. Going and picking out a child on a tree and making their Christmas dreams come true
  10. Go to Christmas Eve Church Service: theres nothing like a little bit of Jesus to remind you what truly matters in this season – further information not really needed.

These could really be date ideas for anyone you love! A parent and child date, a friend date, a sibling date, a grandparent date. I think it’s just super important to connect with someone you love during the holidays and especially when you can do something fun along with it! It’s a D A T E!

Dress: Pretty b. 

Scarf: Key Bliss 

Hat: Bohme

And the angel said to them, Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people

Luke 2:10

Photo Credits: Simi Kaur


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December 9, 2017


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    December 15, 2017

    Love these pictures of you two!! So beautiful!