Pursey Posse – Leather Designed Purses Every Women Needs

Dear Kindred,

I hope you all had the best Christmas E V E R! Now we head into planning for New Year’s and anticipating all of our resolutions and goals coming to life for the new year ahead! One of my goals is working with more amazing brands and creating everlasting relationships with them. Introducing Pursey! You’ve gifted everyone around you so now it’s time to spoil yourself a bit;)

I met up with the ladies of Pursey over a warm cup of coffee, Christmas music playing in the background and a dream to create together. I left feeling so inspired, full of passion and totally backing these ladies dreams. I am telling you…THIS is going to be big. Designed to celebrate a woman’s resiliency & to contribute to nonprofit organizations that support women, Pursey is a designer leather handbag company, started in North Dakota & Minnesota. And they.are.breathtaking.

Pursey is a purpose driven company created to celebrate women embracing the totality of themselves and to contribute 3% of sales to non-profit organizations that promote equality. Their handbags are nothing like you’ve ever seen. Made with premium materials and hand-stitched in NYC!

Their launch begins in the Spring of 2018 BUT there is a Kickstarter campaign that can guarantee you a purse with the Pursey Posse by following here and helping get Pursey out into the world where it’s meant to be! When I laid eyes on these purses it was love at first sight. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before, designed strictly for Pursey and these women are rad! It’s the perfect time for you to splurge on yourself, someone you love or maybe both!

Their first design called “March ON” holds the power that we pick ourselves up and march on day after day, overcoming challenges and being resilient as women. Their second design, “The Rebel” is the key to freedom that comes from defying your own limitations. Let’s be change makers, silence breakers, women with dreams and ambitions. Women who wear our style as more than just fashion! Oh and! You can wear your purse in numerous different ways! Cue the photos!

Oh and p.s. the manufacturing company also started with Rebecca Minkoff. Not kidding. These ladies rock!

God has more in store for you, than you can ever imagine.

Epehesians 3:20


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