Dear Kindred,

Dashing through the snow, faster than a one-horse open sleigh, glowing brighter than Rudolph’s nose & quicker than Santa shimmying down the chimney – all the winter feels are here! And so are Winter Weddings!

If you are anything like me the only way to stay warm during the winter is to engulf yourself in an abominable snowman parka where only your eyes are within view and no part of your skin even touches the winter cold. The great news is! There are TONS of great winter wedding outfit ideas to choose from this seasons!

When I picture a winter wedding as a guest, I picture dark colors, rich hues, fur, lace, velvet, sheer, floral and sequins. I feel like winter weddings give off a very classy, romantic vibe no matter the setting.

Darker colors such as burgundy, plum and forest green are perfect winter attire wear. You can also never go wrong with an all black outfit. Jumpsuits are also my idea of a great winter wedding outfit. (That’s what I’m wearing this weekend for one of our best friends wedding!) Not only will it allow you to keep warm, it’ll also allow you to get down on the dance floor (and Lord knows thats my favorite part)!

Accessories are key for a winter wedding. Although your outfit may be of darker hues, accessories can glam up anything! A statement coat will also ensure you are warm and eye catching. You are able to take it on and off throughout the day and you will look great! Another important thing to think about is fabric. I think some fabrics such as velvet and sequins give such a festive feel to a winter wedding look all while adding some pizazz!

This dress from pretty b. is all my winter dreams come true!

Who doesn’t want to be the most stylish guest at your next nuptials!

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

Matthew 2:10


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