Dear Kindred,

If you are like me, your closet is one of your most prized possession. I know, I see you laughing over there, but I can’t help it. It is! As we head towards the New Year I thought what better than to band together and to declutter our quarters together!

This last year as I prepared to start traveling I went on a purging spree. No not shopping spree, I literally ripped my heart strings a few times as I got rid of clothes attached to memories and pieces I thought I MIGHT wear someday. I don’t know if I should tell the world this but I got rid of 9 bags of clothes. I was proud. My husband was proud, but my dad and father-in-law would probably be prouder (they have helped move my closet from place to place numerous times). One thing I learned. It. Was. Liberating.


I always find that once I organize, reorganize and organize my closet some more I feel so purified. Like a power within has exploded inside of me and I can conquer anything. It’s sometimes a daunting task to clean out the closet so I contacted my good friend from Dressed in Blackwell who does this for a living, and asked her some questions to help YOU be successful in cleaning out your closet this year!

Why did you get into the closet organization business?

I think being organized is definitely a huge quality of life factor. When it comes to closets – if you have everything in its rightful place it makes it so much easier to get ready in the morning. It cuts down on time because you’re not having to go through piles of clothes to find what you want!

What are some similarities you see across clients homes about their closets?

Too many clothes! I see it all the time. I usually like to go through each item of clothing and put it in a donate or keep pile. Most of the time I’ll have clients that are surprised to find items of clothing that they love and forgot about because everything was so cluttered! A lot of people have a hard time getting rid of things they don’t wear anymore because it’s attached to a memory or they feel guilty because it was a gift from someone.

What materials do you need to be successful at decluttering your closet? 

If there is one luxury item that you can afford in life PLEASE let it be matching hangers. Not just any hangers either but the thin velvet ones in nude or black. They are so much more aesthetically pleasing than big plastic ones which take up way more space. I promise if you replace your hangers your closet will look completely transformed. Matching bins are also a great idea as well for clothes that don’t need to be hung or are seasonal! (i.e. swimsuits, leggings, etc.) 

Where do you even start??

First, I normally meet up for a consultation and they tell me what they want to take away from this experience. Afterwards I personally customize a plan based on the vision of my clients dream closet. One of the first steps I like to take within their closet is getting rid of clothes/shoes/accessories that take up too much unnecessary space! Once we have more space to work with it makes the rest of the process a breeze!

  1. What questions do you ask yourself to make the process easier on deciding what to get rid of?
  2. Have you worn this in the past year?
  3. Is it comfortable?
  4. Can you wear it on multiple occasions?
  5. Is it tailored to your liking? (i.e. too short? too long)
  6. Are there multiples of this? (i.e. floral dresses)

If they can’t decide then I like to do the box method. I’ll box up all of those items and keep them in a storage room or closet for a few months and if they don’t think about going back to the box for that item then they don’t need it because they’ve already shown that they can live without it.

What can you do with items you get rid of?

It depends on the item of clothing and the condition of it but for nicer items I like to help them re-sell it on Poshmark or take it to a consignment store. As for other items of clothing I normally like to take those to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

How to utilize your closet space best?

I don’t have a huge closet so I like to keep the items of clothing I have to a minimum. I’ve made myself pretty disciplined when it comes to shopping and I will only buy it if I’m absolutely in love with it, it fits perfectly, and if I can think of multiple occasions to wear it. As noted earlier, I like to keep a lot of seasonal things in matching bins that I put on my shelves to save space for what I actually need to hang up!

Best organizing tip?

Organizing your closet needs to be a well-thought out process. Plan it out in steps. There are so many people that start this daunting task and don’t realize how long it takes so it’s definitely easy to stop in the middle of it all and just want to give up. That’s why it’s so important to make a plan beforehand that way you’ll be able to execute it perfectly! 

Tips for keeping the clutter out throughout the year? 

I think once everything is organized to your liking then you will definitely be motivated to keep it that way! I like to take before and after pictures and tell my clients to keep them in case their closet starts getting messy again and to look back on those pictures so they can see where everything needs to be! I also recommend going through your clothes/accessories at the end of every season and ask yourself if you will wear it next season. 

What’s your philosophy on style and fashion? 

I’m huge on neutral colors and basic pieces. I love easy items of clothing that you can wear with other pieces. I’m a huge fan of mixing textures as well. I don’t like to add in too many accessories as I think it can look overdone. I love when someone looks effortless- like they just threw on an outfit without a lot of thought and walked out the door. I think that’s so chic. One of my favorite outfits that I could wear over and over would have to be a white basic bodysuit with white skinny jeans and some nude heels or flats. I like to throw on a long grey cardigan so it doesn’t look too monochromatic or matchy-matchy.

Something unique that you do to keep your own closet in tip top shape? 

I have a carpeted floor in my closet so I vacuum it a lot to make it look tidy. I’m also pretty crazy about how my shoes look. I love to go get them cleaned or shined after wearing them a few times so they look really great on my shelves! 

There you have it folks! Awesome!

After writing and reading this post, giving it a once over (times a few once overs) I now have the itch to downsize again. But, if we are being honest with ourselves, I’ll fill those hangers right back up in no time. Sorry hubs!

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Psalm 91:4


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