Hello Darlings!

I’m Leslie.

Nestled in North Dakota for now. Born and raised in Wyoming. College in South Dakota. You might as well just call me a Midwestern girl.

I would describe my style as eclectic, versatile and transparent and that’s exactly what I want this site to be. I love the cycle of fashion and connecting with people from all different walks. My style is always evolving and inspired in so many different ways. You can do anything with fashion and that’s what makes it so great!  In my opinion, everyone has great style depending on what makes them feel their BEST!

So why dearKindred?

It’s gratifying to discover a capability as humans to fashion deep ties with people around the world and find a common thread in the unique lives we all lead. All of us searching for the bigger picture together. As humans, we are able to see the uniqueness inside one another’s hearts. There is a deeper understanding and meaning that you find in people over your lifetime and you recognize their light because it matched your own. You were meant to cross paths. Welcome to dearKindred. A kindred can be found anywhere, at any time. And I can’t wait to be your kindred.<3

I am a full time registered nurse and work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It is my ultimate dream job. In addition, I teach Aerial Silk and PoundFit classes! I have a wonderful husband and two pit bulls!

God has blessed me beyond measure. He is powerful, divine and a vital piece of my existence. He has a love that keeps on giving. He sees the depths and brokenness in my heart and loves me anyway. I praise Him for that.

Let’s be raw and real here, authentic and loving. dearKindred was created as a lighthearted creative outlet and a beating of my heart. I want to share my heart with you and everything I love. It will be a place to meet all my kindreds! It won’t be perfect but it will be me!

Thank you for visiting. I hope you stay!

Feel free to contact me and send some love to leslierene23@gmail.com